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About CSA

One million dedicated cruise shipping employees help make the cruise line and shipping industry a $117 billion trade. Between 2017 and 2026, $53 billion will be spent building 97 new cruise vessels. During 2017, 25.3 million passengers will travel on cruise ships, with an estimated 38 million passengers expected by 2027. The current cruise line fleet of 365 vessels is expected to grow to 434 vessels by 2027.

Cruise Shipping Association (“CSA”), founded by Douglas Diggle, CEO of Across Oceans Group (“AOG”),  will promote the services and interests of crew members and shoreside employees, as well as the 5,000 worldwide suppliers to the cruise line, shipping, maritime, offshore, and travel industries.

Employee Membership

CSA’s vision is to unify the millions of crew members and corporate office shoreside employees together to network, educate, and promote advancement in each individual’s career, all while discussing the common interests of the travel, shipping, maritime, offshore, and cruise line industry.

CSA will provide crew members and shoreside employees an easy-to-use smart phone application to build their personal network and grow their career. CSA will gather information to improve the total employee experience, as well as to improve the total guest experience. Additionally, CSA will provide employees a platform for “whistle blowers” to report theft, safety, security, and offer suggestions under anonymity. It will be a one-stop shop for new offerings, focus groups, retirement planning, financial management, itineraries, and benefits needed by employees on-land and at-sea around the world!

Membership will include product discounts, exclusive job positions by recruiters, online networking groups for members, off-contract health insurance, focused vendor discount cards, offers, and legal services.  CSA will remain an advocate with the American Arbitration, Maritime Labor Convention, Contract of Carriage, and the Federal Maritime Commission. CSA will provide networking events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Seattle with the support of industry sponsors.

Corporate Membership

CSA will also offer corporate business and supplier membership packages that will be less expensive than a trade show booth and will deliver superior value. CSA will assign a dedicated subject matter expert to each supplier membership account that will help support your growing business.

Douglas S. Diggle, CEO, says “Cruise Shipping Association will focus on creating a positive social impact on the lives of crew members and shoreside employees.  CSA is the first employee membership and supplier sales and support networking organization for the cruise line and shipping industry.”

“CSA will offer invaluable opportunities, as well as a platform for employees to network with other employees, suppliers, potential employers, and even shipyard vendors. Our corporate membership will cut years from the sales cycle by helping establish close relationships with key decision makers at the right time. Whether your business is land, sea, or air-based, AOG and CSA have the expertise and know-how to meet your needs.”

Across Oceans Group is a market leader in advisory services and industry consulting, helping global clients manage business development, strategic sales, operational, technological, strategic product, market insight, and regulatory security risk to enhance enterprise value.

If you are a major cruise line and shipping product supplier or a vendor and want to have your product, service, and solution in front of the millions of crew members and key corporate office shoreside cruise line executives, contact us at: http://AcrossOceansGroup.com/Contact/